Friday, September 23, 2005


Title: Poland
Author: James A. Michener
Rating: 8

Plot: For those of you who have read Michener in the past, the plot to this novel is not all that surprising. Michener follows his typical concept of following the history of an area or region through the personal histories of some local families. The families are fictional, but most of the events he relays are not. In this case he follows the history of the Buk, Bokowski, and Lubonski families through the history of Poland from 1241 to the present, as of when he wrote the novel, copyrighted 1983.

Review: Anyone who enjoys, or is interested by Europea history should pick up this book. It is an engaging read, although the layout makes it easy to put down between the various time periods discussed. I give it an 8 because it was not one of the all time best books I've ever read, as required for a 10, and due to its focus on these families in general it largely leaves out other areas of Polish history I would have liked to have seen. I know that it would be impossible to condense the entire history of Poland into one novel, but I would have liked to see more about the formation of the ghetto in Warsaw and how that progressed through history. Overall though, it was a good book I would recommend to anyone seriously interested in history or historical fiction.

-Patrick Barringer


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